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MotoGP 20 is the most realistic game in the series

MotoGP 20 is the most realistic game in the series

Every year a new installment of the MotoGP series is released and a multitude of moto racing fans rush to the closest shop to buy it or purchase a digital copy. Every year, the developers come up with new ways of spicing up the gameplay with novelties, improvements and surprising changes. And every year the game is a success. The main reason for that is mainly that the simulation experience that the MotoGP games deliver is progressively more real with every new installment in the series, and MotoGP 20 is going to honor that progression pushing the realism to new levels.



MotoGP 20 includes the best features from its predecessors and adds a few novelties that expand the gameplay possibilities in the game. The Managerial Career mode makes a return this year and it allows players to take on the championship with a team of professionals that include your own Personal Manager, Chief Engineer, and Data Analyst. Their invaluable help will contribute to the development of your team and it will allow you to be more competitive during the season. 

MotoGP 20 also features new gameplay physics that make the game almost real and mechanics that take into account braking management, tire wear, and fuel consumption. The game also allows you to customize many aspects of your motorbike, including aerodynamics, electronics, engine power, and consumption, or its chassis. To make it even more real, the number of details that you can modify with the graphics editor has been increased, giving you almost total control over the looks of your pilot, his clothing and the bike.



With an unprecedented level of realism and plenty of gameplay modes for you to enjoy, MotoGP 20 aims to become the best installment in the series. You will be able to play it on April 23, 2020, on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch and you can already find the best price to buy it in our comparator.

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