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Legends of Runeterra is launching this month

Legends of Runeterra is launching this month

Riot Games has announced that it's putting an end to the testing period for its free-to-play collectible card game Legends of Runeterra. A lot of players from all over the world are currently participating in its open beta and having fun, but the game has not been officially released yet. Riot Games has published a new video where it announces that Legends of Runeterra will launch on April 30, both on PC and mobile. It will be then when we finally see how does it fare compared to other top games in the genre like Hearthstone, which has just released new content in the form of a new playable hero and a new expansion that will be available this month too.

Legends of Runeterra will make use of the popularity of League of Legends to put itself in a very good position, but Riot has also put a lot of effort into designing a game that can give its competitors a run for their money. Many people already praise the game for being more interactive than Hearthstone, allowing you to respond to the actions of your opponents. Of course, we have seen that type of gameplay in games like Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers but the mechanics in Legends of Runeterra make the gameplay much faster, even when you are playing any of the multiple types of control decks, which tend to be the slowest ones.



The official release of Legends of Runeterra will also come with some surprises. A new set of 120 cards and a new region will be added to the game at launch and if you log in before May 7 you will get a free Moonstruck Poro Guardian for your account. If you are playing the game by that time, you will receive a special icon depending on the rank you have reached. You still have a few weeks if you haven´t tried the game to learn how to play and unlock some cards, something that is significantly easier now that Riot has overhauled the rewards system in the game.

  • Official website : League of Legends
  • Categories : Strategy
  • Editor : Riot Games
  • Developer : Riot Games
  • Mode(s) : Multiplayer
  • Release date : October 27, 2010
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