GTA Online players are getting a special gift this month

GTA Online players are getting a special gift this month

The multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto V continues to be a favorite of the players quite a few years after it was released. Rockstar Games has been continuously adding more content to GTA Online and now is giving players another good excuse to continue playing the game. Of you log into the game during this month you will have half a million dollars added to your Maze Bank account in the game within the seven next days. The reason behind this? Just because they can! 

Even though many players will probably have access to a huge amount of cash if they have been playing the game for a while and saving their earnings, GTA Online offers players so many things to spend their hard-earned cash on that is quite likely that a hefty sum like the one we are talikg about is enough to brighten up your day. If you want to follow the latest trend in the game you might want to purchase an alien suit for yourself and take part in the ongoing war that is taking place right now. You can either join the green aliens and terrorize other players in the game armed with melee weapons or the purple aliens and protect the bystanders from the aggressive green aliens. Even if you don't want to choose a side you would be ready to defend yourself from their attacks and try to avoid suffering collateral damage.

If you want to earn some extra cash for free you can also activate two-steo authentication for your GTA Online account if you have not done it already. It will yield another half a million GTA dollars for you completely free. 



Also, if you have not played GTA Online yet, all you have to do is visit our comparator and find the best price to buy Grand Theft Auto 5. You will have access to GTA Online for free and if you get tired of multiplayer you can still have fun in the single-player mode, which offers plenty of hours of fun in the city of Los Santos.

  • Official website : Grand Theft Auto 5
  • Categories : Action , Adventure
  • Editor : Rockstar Games
  • Developer : Rockstar North
  • Mode(s) : Solo, Multiplayer
  • Release date : April 13, 2015
  •     Xbox Series X : March 1, 2022
  •     PS5 : March 1, 2022
  •     XboxOne : November 18, 2014
  •     PS4 : November 18, 2014
  •     PC : April 14, 2015
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