Dungeons & Dragons Online gives a lot of quest packs for free to the players

Dungeons & Dragons Online gives a lot of quest packs for free to the players

Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular tabletop role-playing game of all times and therefore it has been the inspiration of many video games. Some of the most popular of these belong to the Baldur's Gate series which will be getting Baldur's Gate III in the future, but there are also quite a few classic games. There are a couple of games, Neverwinter and Dungeons & Dragons Online, that belong to the MMORPG genre and although both of them take a different approach to the game, they have managed to gather a healthy player base that enjoys their respective features. In this case, we are focusing on Dungeons & Dragons Online, which is offering a very interesting gift to the players. The game follows a free-to-play model and you can play a part of its content for free with the possibility of unlocking more content via quest packs that you can purchase with a certain currency that you can earn in the game or with real money.

It seems that Standing Stone Games have opted to let them players enjoy most of that additional content for free and they are giving players the option of unlocking 46 of those quest packs for free for a limited time. Logging into the game and using the coupon code DDOfreequests will unlock permanently all those quest packs for your account. Of course, if you do not have a DDO account you can create one for free. The offer will only be available until August 31, so you have enough time to think about it. You can check the complete list of quest packs on the official statement published by Standing Stone Games on this matter by visiting this address.



Dungeons & Dragons Online started focusing on Eberron, one of the campaign universes of Dungeons & Dragons, but through the years it has expanded to other locations and some of the missions in the game will take you to the Underdark or Ravenloft. The game offers a very detailed progression system for your characters with plenty of options to choose from. As it happens with most MMORPGs, you will need help to take on the most difficult quests but there are quite a lot of them that you can complete alone if you are prepared enough.

If you are willing to give Dungeons & Dragons Online a try this is a very good opportunity to do it and get access to a lot of content for free. The game also features a subscription system that lets you pay a monthly fee to have access to all of the unlockable content, but we highly recommend giving it a try for free before you subscribe.


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