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Desperados III is coming this summer

Desperados III is coming this summer

The real-time tactical action gameplay seen in the Commandos series was one of the best in the genre. It has also served as inspiration for many games and we can find similar features in titles like Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun or both installments in the Desperados series. This year could be an important one for the genre with the recent release of Commandos 2- HD Remaster and the upcoming launch of Desperados III.

THQ Nordic has finally revealed a launch window for the game, which is due to be released next summer, and even though knowing a been better more accurate release date would have been better it allows us to confirm that the game is still in development. Six months ago we could watch the reveal of one of the characters that we will be able to play in Desperados III. Isabelle Moreau is a voodoo practitioner that uses blood magic to control her foes and link their fates. She can also distract them by using her cat pet.



The announcement of the release window for Desperados III comes accompanied by the reveal of another one of the members of the group of unlikely adventurers that we will control in the game. This time it's the turn of Doc McCoy, a legendary bounty hunter and former doctor with a knack for alchemy. He uses poisonous concoctions to daze and distract enemies, but he is also a deadly sharpshooter who uses a long-barreled pistol to take enemies down from afar.


Both of them are quite valuable assets for the gang of John Cooper. The gunslinger and his friends will have a very hard time trying to escape from corrupted lawmen and ruthless bandits in Desperados III, but we are sure that the fans of the series wouldn't be expecting any less from the game.

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