Blackout mode would be back in Call of Duty 2020

Blackout mode would be back in Call of Duty 2020

The Call of Duty series was originally launched in 2003 and it has grown over the years to be one of the most popular FPS licenses in the world featuring many games. A new installmente¡ is added to the series every year, and since the release of Modern Warfare happened in the fall of 2019, it seems to be the time to start wondering about what the new game will have in store for us. Actually, the so-called Call of Duty 2020 has been a hot topic for a while longer, and the reason behind it is that it's going to be a new Black Ops.

A lot of information has been circulating during the past few months and as time passes this new Call of Duty seems to be taking shape. One of the main theories is that the main theme of the new game will be the Cold War. Some players have recently noted in Warzone what seems to be a new clue that goes in this direction, with the opening of bunkers in the game.

But another piece of information the next Call of Duty has been revealed today and it seems that the Blackout mode introduced in Black Ops 4 will be back. Of course, nothing has been officially confirmed yet, and all this is just a rumor.


Blackout gathered a lot of players when it was released and we wonder about what will Activision do to maintain its appeal. Blackout was a Battle Royale mode in which players could play various iconic characters from the series. But with Warzone which was released a few months ago, it is difficult to figure out if there is enough room for two Battle Royale games in the Call of Duty series, especially since Warzone is free-to-play. However, Activision may surprise us because according to a tweet from Jeff Grubb, a journalist at Venture Beat who revealed the information, Blackout will come back "in one form or another".



We will have to wait to know exactly what form it will take and what are the contents of the next Call of Duty game. We may well have some answers very soon because it is not impossible thatthe game will be revealed during the presentation of the Playstation 5 which will take place tomorrow at 22h.

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