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Artifact will have a single-player campaign

Artifact will have a single-player campaign

When VALVE looked at Richard Garfield as a designer for their collectible card game Artifact they were on the right track. The creator of Magic The Gathering undoubtedly has a lot of experience with the genre and everything seemed to be in place for a great game to be created. But for several reasons, Artifact didn't quite hit the nail as it was supposed to. The game is interesting enough, but its mechanics are a bit too complex compared to what players are used to and the games can take a bit too long. Although Artifact takes advantage of the popularity of DOTA 2 by using its characters and lore as a base, it has failed to keep players interested. It is not that the genre is already packed with games, as Legends of Runeterra has proved to have quite a success even before it is officially released, but having to pay for a game that for whatever reasons doesn't deliver an experience significantly better than what its competitors offer for free may have something to do with the problem.



VALVE announced a while ago that it was going to make changes to Artifact to make it more appealing, and the big first one has just been revealed. The game will have a single-player campaign that will continue the small tutorial in the game, which will serve as an introduction. This new feature will contribute to offering to the players a smoother experience as they learn the ropes of the game and get immersed in the world, something that is quite necessary for Artifact, as not all players know about DOTA lore.

Aside from the story, Artifact is also getting some other changes when it comes to card acquisition and progression in the game. Players will be able to unlock cards playing in any mode, which will make it easier for new players. Also, the progression system will be revamped to offer players better rewards without the necessity of spending money.

All those changes look very good on paper but we will have to wait until we try them to see if Artifact has changed enough to be worthy of a spot among the most popular collectible card games.

  • Official website : Artifact
  • Categories : Strategy
  • Editor : Valve
  • Developer : Valve
  • Mode(s) : Multiplayer
  • Release date : November 28, 2018
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