A new video shows some of the different factions in Wasteland 3

A new video shows some of the different factions in Wasteland 3

IGN's Summer of Gaming event started yesterday and among the several announcements and reveals that were made, there is one that has caught our attention. Wasteland is a cult series for all the fans of the turn-based tactics and RPG genres. Its games take a slightly different approach to the post-apocalyptic setting that they share with other licenses, like the first few Fallout games, and it focuses more on the southwestern area of the United States to add more flavor to the story, the characters, and the lore. Wasteland 3, for example, will take you to Colorado, where you will take control of a squad of Desert Rangers that are trying to help to rebuild society from the ashes. 



In the post-apocalyptic world of Wasteland 3, law enforcement is not an easy thing, and the limits are often twisted to one's own advantage. Also, there are also plenty of factions that want to reshape the world in their own way, and it usually tends to be one that leaves out everyone that doesn't share their beliefs. Of course, the methods used to reach and maintain a prominent position that will allow you to influence others are not always licit or even moral. In Wasteland 3 it will be in your hands to decide how to deal with any of the different factions present in Colorado and if you want to align yourself with any of them, but your decisions will undoubtedly have consequences. Your group of Desert Rangers will have to get accustomed quite fast to dealing with corrupted agents of the law, religious fanatics, paramilitary groups, and more, but if you manage to do so, you might even be able to survive in the rough, post-apocalyptic world of Wasteland 3.



Colorado is definitely going to be a very interesting place in Wasteland 3 and we are sure that when the game is released on Pc, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on August 28 a lot of players will rush to discover what the new game has to offer.


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  • Editor : inXile Entertainment
  • Developer : inXile Entertainment
  • Mode(s) : Solo
  • Release date : August 27, 2020
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