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    QUANTUM ERROR is a survival horror first-person shooter that puts you in the shoes of Capt. Jacob Thomas. You are a fireman that works in Garboa Fire Dept in San Francisco, CA. One day you receive a distress call and you are sent to the Monad Quantum Research Facility to extinguish a massive fire that is threatening to reduce the whole place to ashes. what you don't know is that the facility has been attacked by an unknown entity, making your mission even more challenging. When you and your partner Shane Costa are deployed in the area, you will soon discover that this place holds more secrets than you ever expected when you are attacked by some strange creatures. From that moment, you will have to focus on staying alive and escaping the place in one piece, but that is something that will prove to be quite difficult. As you progress through the game and explore the facility you will learn more about the nature of the threat, and the fire that consumes the place might end being just a nuisance compared to it.

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