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Put a little love in your heart with Half Past Fate, a romantic comedy adventure about finding extraordinary love in an ordinary world. See how three couples meet and enter a romance in a time-jumping story that spans eight years.

Meet the cast:

Mara, owner of a struggling tech company in need of financing. She almost has an investor, but she gets into trouble with their VP...

Rinden, VP of the company Aurous, whose focus is investing in clean energy. He may have just found the best business to invest in, thanks to the help of his assistant...

Ana, a Japanese girl and tea aficionado, happy to continue her simple lifestyle in Little Tokyo, until one fateful tea festival she runs into...

Jaren, a retro gaming enthusiast who meets a charming girl at a tea festival and is desperate to find her again. This leads him into a fateful encounter with...

Milo, a young film director eager to make a name for himself with documentaries. While testing his equipment in the park, his life is changed by...

Bia, a photography student from Brazil, who is fun and eager to make friends with anyone, even a sourpuss like Mara.

Half Past Fate features a charming mix of 2D characters and 3D environments. Cycle through the six characters as they try to navigate their complicated lives. Solve simple puzzles where you help other characters out, like changing a flat tire or learning the difference between black tea and green tea. Play this slice-of-life tale and see how destiny can bring people together in surprising ways.

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