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    If you're looking for prepaid cards to buy cryptocurrencies, take a look at Azteco Voucher Bitcoin (BTC) or Crypto Voucher Bitcoin (BTC). You can also check out Binance Gift Card (USDC), or Binance Gift Card (ETH) if you want to buy a prepaid card in another currency.

    Binance Code is a prepaid crypto voucher, supported by API, that enables your business to transfer and exchange cryptocurrencies outside of Binance. It can be used as follows: resale of gift cards, loyalty and gaming rewards, online purchases, and in many other ways.

    Please note! Please note that users from the following countries and regions will not be able to buy or redeem Binance gift cards: AS, BY, CD, CU, GU, IR, IQ, KP, LY, MP, PR, SS, SD, SY, UM, US, VI, ZW

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