Haunted Chocolatier will feature combat with boss battles

Haunted Chocolatier will feature combat with boss battles

Developer ConcernedApe shared that his newest game, Haunted Chocolatier, will have combat and will also include bosses, much like his previous runaway hit, Stardew Valley. However, combat will work differently, having more focus and operating with different systems. Check out his video here.



As shown, players will be able to use a shield in combat. Getting the timing right at blocking will let you stun your enemy, giving you the opportunity to counterattack much faster. 

Fighting with a shield is a cautious and defensive playstyle where players may react to a monster’s incoming attacks. However, it’s only one of many styles in the game. Haunted Chocolatier will also allow for different gear and a more aggressive approach. While riskier, it will allow a player to attack faster and hopefully take down enemies more quickly.

Of course, ConcernedApe isn’t keen on sharing more information about the combat systems, preferring instead to let players have the pleasure of discovering these themselves. However, he did tease a feature that was absent from Stardew Valley: boss battles.

In an interview with Reason Studios, he showed a battle theme for a “bee boss.” Check out the interview and listen to the theme below.



Haunted Chocolatier is a top-down adventure game where you make chocolate in a haunted castle, complete with ghosts and other spooky beings. This will mean gathering ingredients for your recipes, as well as going on quests, making friends, and forming relationships in the local town. Of course, it also means fighting monsters for loot. 

ConcernedApe has not yet announced a release date for Haunted Chocolatier, though he claims to be “making good progress.” He did state that it will first come out on the PC, much like Stardew Valley. Keep an eye on this space for news and prices for a Haunted Chocolatier code.

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