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Classic Pokémon Kadabra may return to the series

Classic Pokémon Kadabra may return to the series

Twenty years ago Nintendo had to remove one of the most popular Pokémons from their games as a result of a legal battle started by the mentalist Uri Geller. He accused the Japanese company of using his image to create the Pokémon. You will probably understand this better if we tell you that Kadabra's name in Japanese is written as Yungerer, Yungeller, and Yun Geller. The popular Pokémon also wields a spoon, and Uri Geller was famous back in the day for an act where he could bend spoons just with the power of his mind. As a result of this problem, Nintendo stopped using Kadabra on their card game. But the Pokémon has not been forgotten by the fans. It seems that they have been trying to get their favorite monster back for quite a long time, and they might have just managed to do it.

In a recent publication on Twitter, Uri Geller has revealed that he has given permission to Nintendo to use Kadabra again. He revealed that he has received tons of emails asking for the Pokémon to be back and he has finally decided to make it happen. It turns out that he was quite upset because the character was evil, but its huge popularity among the fans may have convinced him that it's not that bad. Nintendo has now the possibility of bringing back the character worldwide to the card game.



We don't know if we will see Kadabra added to any of the current-generation Pokémon games. Both Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield focus on a different region of the world, and the Pokémon that you can capture in Galar are completely different from the ones appearing in the classic games. On the other hand, Nintendo could be thinking of a stellar return of Kadabra at some point. After all, now that Uri Geller is free from the pressure of the fans, all of it is going to be directed towards the Japanese company.

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