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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What's dLcompare?

dLcompare is a price comparison website that shows our users the lowest market prices regarding Video Games (PC and latest/old consoles generations), DLCs, Game Cards, and Software. Select the product you wish, compare the prices from our affiliated retailers and download from the most convenient one!

What are the best practices for online shopping? 

— Create a consistent account on the retailer's website. If you are a Paypal user, we advise you to use the identical mail you used for your Paypal account, for your retailer's website contact mail.

— Correctly fill in the user information on your retailer's account just as you did for your online payment form.

— Credit card purchases result in fewer identity checks than Paypal. Read the comments about the retailers on our website, and feel free to leave your thoughts whether they are good or bad.

— Consider in your retailer's appraisal that people more regularly leave a comment to express discontent and disappointment rather than satisfaction.

— Ensure that the product you wish to buy is available (preorder, out of stock, or other cases).

— Activate your product (or CD-Key) as soon as possible after receipt to check that the key is valid.

Why is there such a big difference between the prices in your comparator? 

Many retailers online allow dLcompare to find and display the lowest prices on the market, including promotions or specific sales. Merchants are not subject to the same VAT regime, so their prices may vary depending on their geographic location. The difference in currency valuations, such as with the dollar and the euro, might be another factor that influences the price difference between merchants. The fight against piracy in emerging countries also leads to price drops. Finally, some merchants have no operating agreement with publishers, allowing them to set the price as they wish without any ceiling.

Uhm, is it all legal?

Of course, it is!!

When activating your games through major downloading platforms, you respect the DRM standards and assure that the publisher gets his due, as those platforms guarantee that your game is valid.

Some retailers offer you the chance to get your game's official retail box through delayed shipping, so you can rest assured that your game is not counterfeit.

Check the Steam list of games that can be activated with a CD-Key.

If you still have doubts about the offers available, pick one of our "Official retailers" and rest assured. official-store

We guarantee 100% the use of those merchants as they have an operating agreement with the publishers.

To ensure maximum safety and reliability, the dLcompare team regularly and anonymously buys games among its partners to check delivery times and the ability of customer support to respond and solve the most common problems.

What do you guys mean by "Top Retailer"?  DLCompare top retailer

We highlight our top-rated retailers with the « Top Retailer » logo. We anonymously rate our partnered retailers whose collaboration is older than six months. Our work consists in selecting the best online stores to provide you with the safest and complete offer.

How will I get my game?

You can choose whether you prefer to get a digital version or a retail box version of your game. Once you have clicked on the game you wish to buy, you will see a "Digital Download" tab and a "Retail box" tab, your call.

Some games require online activation, even though you can buy them as a boxed version.

How can I be sure that I will be able to play the game I’ll buy?

If you see a price for a specific product, it means that you can activate it in your region. We will always and only show you the best prices for the products you can download and play in your region. We would never show a game that you couldn't download and activate in your geographical area.

Why have I seen a store proposing lower prices?

Our price-comparison tool can't reference all the online cd-key retailers.

Furthermore, we strive to ensure the quality and the seriousness of our partners. It is nearly impossible to keep tabs on ALL the online shops available on the Internet. Therefore, we would not be able to guarantee our users a safe and reliable offer.

Thus, beware of overly attractive offers and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions on these matters. Most of the websites providing the same service as us are not managed by PLAYERS and, therefore, give little-to-no importance to the service quality of their partners.

What about the compatibility of a game with an online platform?

When you visit a game's page, there are always different platform icons indicating its compatibility.

Here follows a legend of the most common downloading platforms icons:

steam logoSteam
epic logoEpic Games
origin logoEA App
gog logoGoG
Ubisoft StoreUbisoft Store
psn logoPlaystation Network
xbox logoXbox Live
nintendo logoNintendo Eshop
download platform logoPublisher or merchant download

I have been expecting my CD-Key for a few hours and still have not received anything. What can I do?

  • Don't panic :)
  • First of all, check your mail inbox, especially the "Spam" folder.
  • If you placed your order during the night, it is possible that you may have to wait a bit longer than expected. This is quite usual.
  • It is important to note that some retailers have delivery delays up to 24 hours, so do not worry if it's your first purchase through our website.
  • If you still have not received your product, be aware that the retailers have a customer support service that can be reached via e-mail or through a dedicated interface on their website, such as "live chats".

Finally, if none of these solutions is successful, rest assured as dLcompare is willing to help (however, we cannot provide any guaranteed result). Feel free to join our Discord live chat to discuss further the issue you faced!

Rewards Program? What's that?

We recently launched our Rewards Program, an entertaining game allowing our users to win CD Keys and Gamecards by performing some actions like leaving a comment on a game or rating our products. Follow this link to the Rewards Program Page for more information on how to get free prepaid cards and games every month... or even weekly if you're lucky enough!


I am an online store manager. I LOVE your service and would like to add my website to your price-comparison tool. What do I have to do?

To add your website to our price-comparison tool, we will need some tools & information. To provide it, you will have to fill in the proper form on our contact page.

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