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18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker 2 - 1954 Alcatraz - A Game of Dwarves - A Game Of Throne: Genesis - A Virus Named TOM - Ace Combat - Assault Horizon - Adventure Park - Age of Wonders III - Air Conflicts : Pacific Carriers - Air Conflicts: Vietnam - Airport Simulator 2014 - Alan Wake - Alan Wake's American Nightmare - Alice - Alien Isolation - Alien Rage - Aliens : Colonial Marines - Aliens : Colonial Marines - Season Pass - Aliens vs Predator - Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can - Animal Crossing : New Leaf - Anno 1404 - Anno 2070 - Anno 2070 : Deep Ocean - Anomaly: Warzone Earth - ArcaniA: Gothic 4 - Arma III - Assassin's Creed - Assassin's Creed 2 - Assassin's Creed 4 Black Flag - Season Pass - Assassin's Creed 5 Unity - Assassin's Creed Brotherhood - Assassin's Creed III - Assassin's Creed III - The Hidden Secrets Pack - Assassin's Creed III Season Pass - Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag - Assassin's Creed Revelations - Assassin's Creed: Liberation HD - Assassins Creed Revelations Mediterranean Traveler DLC - Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition - Banished - Basketball Pro Management 2014 - Bastion - Batman Arkham Asylum - Batman Arkham City - Batman Arkham Origins - Batman Arkham Origins - Season Pass - Battle Worlds: Kronos - Battlefield 3 - Battlefield 3 Aftermath - Battlefield 3 Armored Kill - Battlefield 3 Back to Karkand - Battlefield 3 Close Quarters - Battlefield 3 End Game - Battlefield 3 Premium - Battlefield 3 Premium Edition - Battlefield 4 - Battlefield 4 China Rising - Battlefield 4 Dragons Teeth - Battlefield 4 Premium - Battlefield 4 Second Assault - Battlefield 4 Soldier Shortcut Bundle - Battlefield 4 Ultimate Shortcut Bundle - Battlefield 4 Vehicule Shortcut Bundle - Battlefield 4 Weapon Shortcut Bundle - Battlefield : Bad Company 2 - Vietnam - Battlefield Hardline - Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Bejeweled 3 - Binary Domain - Bioshock - Bioshock 2 - Bioshock Infinite - BioShock Infinite - Season Pass - BioShock Infinite : Burial at Sea - Episode 1 - BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea - Episode 2 - Blackguards - Blackguards: Untold Legends - Blades of Time - Blood Bowl : Chaos Edition - Blood Knights - Bloodbath - Bloodline Champions - Borderlands - Borderlands 2 - Borderlands 2 : Mechromancer Pack - Borderlands 2 : Season Pass - Bound By Flame - Bridge Project - Brink - Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons - Brutal Legend - Bulletstorm - Cabela's Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts - Caesar IV - Call of Duty Black Ops - Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare - Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 - Collection 3 : Chaos Pack - Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 - Collection 4 : Final Assault - Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Season Pass - Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - Revolution - Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - Season Pass - Call of Duty Black Ops 2 - Uprising - Call of Duty Ghosts - Call of Duty Ghosts - Onslaught - Call of Duty Ghosts - Season Pass - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Collection 1 - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Collection 2 - Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Call of Duty: World at War - Call of Juarez 2 : Bound in Blood - Call of Juarez : Gunslinger - Call of Juarez : The Cartel - Car Mechanic Simulator 2014 - Cargo Commander - Castlevania : Lords of Shadow - Castlevania : Lords of Shadow 2 - Chaos on Deponia - Child of Light - Chivalry : Deadliest Warrior - Chivalry : Medieval Warfare - Cities in Motion - Cities in Motion 2 - Cities XL 2011 - Civilization III - Civilization IV - Civilization V : Brave New World - Civilization V Gods and Kings - Cloudberry Kingdom - Command & Conquer 4 :Tiberian twilight - Command And Conquer : Red Alert 3 - Command And Conquer : Red Alert 3 Uprising - Company of Heroes - Company of Heroes 2 - Confrontation - Construction Machines 2014 - Construction Simulator 2012 - Contrast - Counter Strike : Source - Counter-Strike : Global Offensive - Create - Crusader Kings 2 - Crysis - Crysis 2 - Crysis 3 - Dark - Dark Matter - Dark Souls - Prepare to Die Edition - Dark Souls II - Dark Souls II - Season Pass - Darksiders - Darksiders 2 - Darkspore - Dead Island - Dead Island Bloodbath Arena - Dead Island DLC Ryder White - Dead Island Riptide - Dead Rising 2 - Dead Rising 2 :Off The Record - Dead Rising 3 - Dead Space - Dead space 2 - Dead Space 3 - Deadfall Adventures - Deadpool - Defiance - Defiance - Season Pass - Demonicon - Deponia - Deus Ex Human Revolution - Deus Ex: The Fall - Diablo 3 - Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls - DiRT Showdown - Dishonored - Dishonored : The Brigmore Witches - Divinity : Dragon Commander - DmC Devil May Cry - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze - Doom 3 BFG Edition - Dragon Age 2 - Dragon Age 3 Inquisition - Dragon Age Origins - Dragon Age Origins - Awakening - Driver San Francisco - DuckTales Remastered - Duke Nukem Forever - Dungeon Dashers - Dungeon Siege III - Dungeonland - Dungeons - Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara - Earth 2160 - Emergency 2013 - Emergency 2014 - Empire : Total War - Empire Earth III - Endless Space - Enslaved: Odyssey to the West - Ethan: Meteor Hunter - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Europa Universalis IV - Europa Universalis IV: Conquest of Paradise - Evolve - F.3.A.R. 3 - F1 2012 - F1 2013 - F1 2014 - Fable 3 - Fallout - Fallout 2 - Fallout 3 - Fallout: New Vegas - Fantasy life - Far Cry - Far Cry 2 - Far Cry 3 - Far Cry 3 - Blood Dragon - Far Cry 4 - Farming Giant - Farming Simulator 2011 - Farming Simulator 2013 - FEAR 2 Project Origin - FEAR First Encounter Assault Recon - FEZ - FIFA 11 - FIFA 12 - FIFA 13 - Fifa 14 - Fifa 15 - FIFA Manager 12 - FIFA Manager 13 - FIFA Manager 14 - Final Exam - Final Fantasy III - Final Fantasy VII - Final Fantasy VIII - Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn - Fire Emblem : Awekening - Flashback - Flatout - Flatout 2 - Fly'N - Football manager 2012 - Football Manager 2014 - Football Manager 2015 - Frozen Hearth - Game of Thrones - Gas Guzzlers Extreme - Gemini Wars - Ghost Recon Future Soldier - Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams - Glacier 3: The Meltdown - Goat Simulator - Gomo - Goodbye Deponia - Grand Theft Auto - Vice City - Grand Theft Auto 3 - Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas - Grand Theft Auto IV - Grand Theft Auto IV: The Complete Edition - Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City - Grid - Grid 2 - Grid Autosport - Grid Autosport Season Pass - Grimind - Guild Wars 2 - Guilty Gear Isuka - Gun Metal - Hegemony Rome: The Rise of Caesar - Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit - Hexodius - Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin - Hitman : Blood Money - Hitman Absolution - Homefront - How To Survive - Humanity Asset - Hunted - Hyrule Warriors - I Am Alive - IL–2 Sturmovik Cliffs of Dover - Impire - Injustice : Gods Among Us - Inversion - Iron Front : Liberation 1944 - Iron Sky : Invasion - Jack Keane 2 : The Fire Within - Jagged Alliance Crossfire - Jagged Alliance: Back in Action - Jet Set Radio - Just Cause - Just Cause 2 - Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World - Kerbal Space Program - Killing Floor - King Arthur II The Role-Playing Wargame - Kingdoms of Amalur : Reckoning - Kingdoms of Amalur The Legend of Dead Kel - LA Noire - Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - Left 4 Dead 2 - Legends of Pegasus - Legends of Persia - LEGO Batman 2 : DC Super Heroes - Lego Marvel Super Heroes - Lego The Lord of The Rings - Let's Sing - Lifeless Planet - Lord Of The Rings : War in the North - Lord of the Rings Online : Riders of Rohan - Lords of Football - Lost Planet 2 - Lost Planet 3 - Lucius - Luigi's Mansion 2 - Luxor Evolved - Mad Riders - Mafia 2 - Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers - Magicka - Magrunner Dark Pulse - March of the Eagles - Mario Kart 7 - Mario Kart 8 - Mario Party Island Tour - Mark of the Ninja - Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death - Mass Effect 2 - Mass Effect 3 - Mass Effect Trilogy - Masters of the World - Geopolitical Simulator 3 - Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne - Max Payne 3 - Max Payne 3 Local Justice Pack - Max Payne 3 Rockstar Pass - Mechanic Escape - Medal of Honor - Medal of Honor Warfighter - Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Men of War: Vietnam - Metal Gear Rising : Revengeance - Metro 2033 Redux - Metro Last Light - Metro Last Light Redux - Metro Last Light Season Pass - Metro Redux - Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Might & Magic Heroes VI : Shades of Darkness - Might & Magic X Legacy - Might & Magic X Legacy - The Falcon & The Unicorn - Might Magic Heroes VI - Minimum - Mirror's Edge - Moebius: Empire Rising - Monochroma - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - MoonBase Commander - Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition - MotoGP 13 - MotoGP 14 - MotoGP 14 Season Pass - Mount and Blade : Warband - Murdered : Soul Suspect - MX vs ATV Reflex - MXGP: The Official Motocross Videogame - Napoleon : Total War - Naruto Shippuden : Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst - NASCAR '14 - NBA 2K11 - NBA 2K13 - NBA 2K14 - NBA 2K15 - NBA Live 14 - Need for Speed Hot Pursuit - Need For Speed Most Wanted - Need For Speed Rivals - Need For Speed:The Run - New Style Boutique - New Super Mario Bros 2 - Next Car Game - Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart - Of Orcs and Men - Omerta - City of Gangsters - OMSI 2 - Order of War - Outlast - Overgrowth - Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures - PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX+ - Painkiller Hell and Damnation - Painkiller: Black Edition - Panzer Tactics HD - Party of Sin - Payday 2 - PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate - PixelJunk Shooter - Planetary Annihilation - Plants vs Zombies - Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare - Pokémon X - Pokémon Y - Port Royale 3 - Post Apocalyptic Mayhem - Postal 3 - Poöf vs The Cursed Kitty - Pressure - Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands - Pro Cycling Manager 2011 tour de France - Pro Cycling Manager 2012 tour de France - Pro Cycling Manager 2013 - Pro Cycling Manager 2014 Le Tour de France - Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - Pro Rugby Manager 2015 - Professional Farmer 2014 - Prototype - Prototype 2 - Quake 4 - Quantum Conundrum - R.U.S.E - Race Injection - Racing Manager 2014 - Radical Roach - Rage - Rambo - Rayman Legends - Rayman Origins - Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades - Rekoil - Remember Me - Renegade Ops - Rescue 2013 - Everyday Heroes - Resident Evil 4 - Resident Evil 5 - Resident Evil 6 - Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City - Resident Evil Revelations - Ride to Hell : Retribution - Ridge Racer Unbounded - Rise of Venice - Risen - Risen 3: Titan Lords - Rising Storm - Rocksmith 2014 - Rogue Legacy - Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 - Rome : Total War - Rush Bros. - Rush for Glory - S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Call of Pripyat - Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel - Sacred 3 - Sacred Citadel - Saints Row IV - Saints Row the third - Sang-Froid - Tales of Werewolves - Secret Files 3 - Sengoku - Sentinel 3: Homeworld - Serious Sam 3 BFE - Shadow Warrior - Shadowrun Returns - Shank 2 - Shift 2 Unleashed - Shogun 2 - Shogun 2: Total War Fall of the Samurai - ShootMania - Storm - Sid Meier's Civilization V - Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies - Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth - Silent Hunter 5 : Battle of the Atlantic - Silent Hunter III - SimCity - SimCity - Amusement Park Set - SimCity - British City Set - SimCity - Cities of Tomorrow - SimCity - French City Set - SimCity - German City Set - SimCity Societies - Sine Mora - Sleeping Dogs - Sniper : Ghost Warrior 2 - Sniper Elite 3 - Sniper Elite : Nazi Zombie Army - Sniper Elite : Nazi Zombie Army 2 - Sniper Elite III Season Pass - Sniper Elite V2 - Sonic Adventure 2 - Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed - Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing - Sonic Generations - South Park: The Stick of Truth - Space Engineers - Space Run - Space Siege - Spec Ops : The Line - Special Forces : Team X - SpellForce 2 - Demons of the Past - Spore - Star Trek - StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty - Starcraft II : Heart of the Swarm - StarDrive - Starpoint Gemini 2 - Starvoid - Stellar Impact - Street Fighter IV - Street Fighter X Tekken - Strider - Strike Suit Zero - Super Killer Hornet: Resurrection - Super Mario 3D Land - Super Mario 3D World - Super Meat Boy - Super Smash Bros - Super street fighter 4 arcade edition - Supreme Commander 2 - Syndicate - Takedown: Red Sabre - Tank Operations: European Campaign - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles : Out of the Shadows - Test Drive Unlimited 2 - The Amazing Spider-Man - The Banner Saga - The Bureau : XCOM Declassified - The Cave - The Crew - The Cursed Crusade - The Darkness 2 - The Elder Scrolls : Anthology - The Elder Scrolls III : Morrowind - The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion - The Elder Scrolls Online - The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim - Dawnguard - The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim - Dragonborn - The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim - Hearthfire - The Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim - Legendary Edition - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Evil Within - The Expendables 2 - The First Templar - The Forest - The Last Remnant - The Legend of Zelda : A Link Between Worlds - The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time 3D - The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker HD - The Lego Movie - The Mighty Quest For Epic Loot - The Mysterious Cities of Gold : Secret Paths - The Next Big Thing - The Night of the Rabbit - The Secret World - The Settlers 7 : Paths to a Kingdom - The Showdown Effect - The Sims 3 - The Sims 3 - 70s, 80s and 90s Stuff - The Sims 3 - Dragon Valley - The Sims 3 - Into the Future - The Sims 3 - Movie Stuff - The Sims 3 - University Life - The Sims 3 : Seasons - The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff - The Sims 3 generation - The Sims 3 Pets and Cie - The Sims 3 Showtime - The Sims 3 Supernatural - The Sims 3 World Adventure - The Sims 3: Ambitions - The Sims 3: Fast Lane Stuff - The Sims 4 - The Sims Medieval - The Testament of Sherlock Holmes - The Typing of The Dead: Overkill - The Void - The Witcher 2 - The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt - Thief - Thunder Wolves - Tiny Brains - Tiny Troopers - Titan Quest - TitanFall - TitanFall Expedition - Titanfall Season Pass - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. 2 - Tom Clancy's Hawx - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist - Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction - Tom Clancy's The Division - Tomb Raider - Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD - Total War : Rome II - Total War : ROME II - Caesar in Gaul - Total War : Rome II - Greek States - Culture Pack - Total War : Rome II - Nomadic Tribes - Culture Pack - Total War: ROME II – Hannibal at the Gates - Trackmania 2 Canyon - TrackMania United Forever - TrackMania² Valley - Train Simulator 2014 - Transformers : Fall of Cybertron - Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - Transformers: War for Cybertron - Transistor - Trials Evolution - Trials Fusion - Trine 2 - Tropico 3 - Tropico 4 - Tropico 5 - Truck Racer - Two Worlds - Two Worlds 2 - Ultra Street Fighter IV - Valiant Hearts: The Great War - Vampire : The Masquerade : Bloodlines - Vertiginous Golf - Victoria II : A House Divided - Viking : Battle for Asgard - Virtua Tennis 4 - War of the Roses - War of the Vikings - Wargame : Airland Battle - Wargame : European Escalation - Wargame: Red Dragon - Warhammer 40 000 Space Marine - Warlock 2: The Exiled - Warlock : Master of the Arcane - WARP - Watch_Dogs - Watch_Dogs - Season Pass - Wildlife Park 3 - WildStar - Wolfenstein : The New Order - Wooden Sen'SeY - World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria - World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor - Worms Clan Wars - Worms Revolution - WRC 4 - WRC Powerslide - X Rebirth - X3 Terran Conflict - XCOM : Enemy Unknown - XCOM : Enemy Within - Yesterday - Yoshi's New Island - ZAMB! 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revanbh wrote:
Stay away from this site. Wanted to buy The Secret World from them. Price was great, couldn't get the game on Steam in my part of Europe because of regional restrictions, and they were cheaper than the developer/publisher site, so after some thinking I went ahead and bought it with my credit card.

All went well. Order went through and I got the 5-15 minutes waiting period message on my order. Fine. I can live with that. Then I got the infamous "verification" e-mail, asking me for the scans of my ID or passport, my signature and a picture of me holding my ID or passport. Of course, like any sane person, I declined to give them what are in effect keys to my entire identity. They did refund me my money after a couple of hours. So that at least they did right.

I work in an insurance company and we have less intrusive checks on our potential clients than they do when a person wants to buy a game from them. I'll buy my copy of The Secret World at a regular price and just avoid this kind of treatment.

Everyone considering buying from this site should think long and hard if potential savings are worth being treated like a thief and asked to provide information no digital distribution site has business knowing.

Pictures of your passport? You're an idiot man. That is not a 'key to your identity' any more than showing your ID to the clerk at the gas station to prove your over 21 is.

Fucking retard.
HaterofIgnorance at 07:07AM, 2014/08/31.
Paid with PayPal and got my key in under 2 minutes. No verification or extra steps required (I'm buying from the UK). Recommended.
MA at 01:50PM, 2014/08/06.
Cannot understand what everyone is moaning about. It took me 1 minute from placing the order via Paypal to having the CD code and download links in my mail inbox. No creepy confirmation through phone or sending in scans of passport and ID such as others have reported. Looks like they've cleaned up their act.
Espen at 05:37PM, 2014/08/01.
Stay away from this site. Wanted to buy The Secret World from them. Price was great, couldn't get the game on Steam in my part of Europe because of regional restrictions, and they were cheaper than the developer/publisher site, so after some thinking I went ahead and bought it with my credit card.

All went well. Order went through and I got the 5-15 minutes waiting period message on my order. Fine. I can live with that. Then I got the infamous "verification" e-mail, asking me for the scans of my ID or passport, my signature and a picture of me holding my ID or passport. Of course, like any sane person, I declined to give them what are in effect keys to my entire identity. They did refund me my money after a couple of hours. So that at least they did right.

I work in an insurance company and we have less intrusive checks on our potential clients than they do when a person wants to buy a game from them. I'll buy my copy of The Secret World at a regular price and just avoid this kind of treatment.

Everyone considering buying from this site should think long and hard if potential savings are worth being treated like a thief and asked to provide information no digital distribution site has business knowing.
revanbh at 02:12PM, 2014/03/13.
I was excited to buy crusader kings 2 and when I saw gamesrocket had a 50% sale on the game I quickly jump to it without reading about the reviews for the site. Bad mistake...I had to wait for over one week for my paypal to clear the echeck (not gamesrocket fault) but when I finally thought I could enjoy my game, they need further verification for the order. At first, they sent me a link to verify by phone, which I'm totally fine with it, but it appears their system does not recognize area codes from Canada. If they wanted to do international business by having their dot com site they should resolve this issue, since I read a review before that 1 guy from the US had no problems with phone verification. As a result, they told me to verify by giving them photos of my passport etc, I find this really suspicious as I have never encountered such a procedure before (and they have my money already!). Asked for a refund because of this, and got back my money instantly the next day; the only good thing I could say of my experience... Not recommended if you live in Canada.
Benjamin at 05:35PM, 2014/02/28.
Bought xcom, order arrived instantly. No complains.
Karolis at 11:10PM, 2014/02/19.
tryed to pay with credit card and with paypall so i have now 2 payment chacks on same thing ... (my location is Czech Republic)
Saboteur at 08:03PM, 2013/12/12.
Pathetic customer service. After the payment I took a week until they sent the code. All emails were ignored.
alex at 08:04AM, 2013/10/18.
Mitchell Lucas
NEVER NEVER use this site, they ask for a scan of your passport, photo ID, personal photo along with filled out paperwork. AND they already took the money from paypal. No one should ever be silly enough to give this information out online, especially to some half sized never heard of no one company online. So glad I used paypal, it allows easy refute to the payments and puts bad marks on companies like this who shouldn't be allowed to use their service.
Mitchell Lucas at 03:47AM, 2013/10/16.
Asked for Fifa 14

They got my money and went through with the same useless shit about paypal verification...

I gave them a photo and their dumb form.. now still waiting for the game...

Won't ever buy nothing from them again... Painfully slow service....

Useless !
cmpleteidiot at 04:32AM, 2013/10/08.
Bought Borderlands 2
Everything went really great
proof: http://image.noelshack.com/fichiers/2013/37/1379106030-capture.jpg
Maxime at 09:01PM, 2013/09/13.
Kevin Feuermann
Hey guys, well I bought a game (IL2 Cliffs of Dover) It was very cheap, and I got the so mentioned "Validation paperwork", I seriously had my doubts...but I sent them, and I am glad to say that it took 5 minutes tops to get my key. It seemed suspicious for sure, but I can say that this guys are legit. I hope this helps someone to make a good decition :) bye all!
Kevin Feuermann at 03:15PM, 2013/08/26.
Fast and easy. The phone robot was very polite. Got an EU version of Starcraft 2 instead of US but w/e no big deal I'm not gonna bitch about it.
Ames at 06:50PM, 2013/07/12.
Never buy game from this site.
after buying, it said you may be a fraud, you need to verify your identity, no matter you bought a game before with the same credit card.

If you are not in certain area, congratulation! they said they can't phone you. You need to send ID copy, your photo, a signed form to them. At the same time, they have already got your money from your paypal account.

Then you have to wait a very very long time to get your game.

I just want to pay to have fun!

Worst game shop I have ever seen.
Believe me, may be just pay a little more, choose another shop, avoid all these trouble.
water at 05:54AM, 2013/07/10.
Worst fucking site to ever be going around right now. Pathetic customer service along with a pathetic website server that can't even be run 24/7 and they take your payment instantly but dont send your keys. Most illegitimate service ever to be created!
Ryan at 05:02PM, 2013/06/14.
Just bought Cataclysm for 6 bucks via PayPal. Received the key on the e-mail within 3 minutes.
Ghenah at 10:28AM, 2013/05/27.
Quick delivery, Maestro supported, great!
Dries at 06:19PM, 2013/05/22.
I live in AUSTRALIA and attempted to buy a new-ish title, I was sent the same verification email as Anze was. I tried to send them only half of what they wanted (NOT my passport/drivers ID) but was asked to supply more. I paid through Paypal, the transaction was secure! Unnecessary verification has lost them a sale, I have requested a refund and prepared for the claim process via Paypal.


LEINAD at 12:16AM, 2013/05/12.
Just bought skyrim for $18, and wow damn INSTANT purchase/deliver, NO VERIFICATION PROCESS, fuckin awesome. ive used other key sites before and ive waited 5 hours, plus the long confirmation.. 10 out of 5 stars xD will definitely use again!!!

Ine at 03:58AM, 2013/04/17.
Worked like dream for me...live in the UK, got the call and code within 5 mins, then straight onto Steam to download...
DrabbleOne at 07:24PM, 2013/04/02.
Used GamesRocket to purchase XCOM: Enemy Unknown as it was the cheapest site.

Paid via paypal (my account is verified) and as with some others I was asked to provide a telephone number for further verification purposes. I received and automated call within 1 minute and all I had to do was enter a number that was read out to me. A simple check to ensure I was a human and not a bot trying to rip them off. An e-mail later stated that this verification was a 1 time thing and any games I purchase in future will not require this.

After the phone call I received the code for the game immediately via e-mail.

All-in-all an easy 5 minute process. I'm a happy customer and would use them again.
James at 07:59PM, 2013/03/29.
I ordered SimCity 2013 believing they would deliver the access codes withing 5-15 minutes as stated in their offer. That was 11 hours ago, but still no game.
Ulf at 07:21AM, 2013/03/25.
Bought Simcity.. didn't get a response or the cd-key for about 15h as of this comment when it specifically says 5-15 min delivery. I have opened a dispute on paypal against this seller. AVOID! NO SERVICE what so ever.
oleg at 09:08AM, 2013/03/19.
I was worried about buying from this site, needed xbox live membership and this place had the lowest price. I searched everywhere for reviews and read of stories of getting an email about ID verification where you would have to show ID or a passport. I decided to go for the three month membership so if something did happen I would be out $17 instead of $42. No less than a minute after I ordered and paid through paypal I had my code and it worked!! This site is great. Maybe the ID thing has to do with people outside of certain countries. I am in the US. Just wanted to write this review for anyone else in US worried like I was and couldnt find any helpful reviews. If you are in the US GO FOR IT!
Paige at 06:17PM, 2013/01/19.
BEN at 12:35AM, 2013/01/13.
Bought a SWTOR 60 days game time key using paypal. Got the key within two minutes, no problems at all - and 25% cheaper than buying a supscription from the official game site. Brilliant!
Knut at 01:05PM, 2012/12/10.
Purchased from them, for a key in about 3 minutes. Will probably buy from them again
TG at 02:16PM, 2012/11/30.
i too got the same verification BS.I wish i would have read these posts before my purchase.

What i don't understand is why they are telling me paypal cannot execute my order and they have gone ahead and already completed the purchase.

that is BS. Not sending them my ID, never recommending them and most of all, never buying from them. i understand playing it safe, but that is just overkill.

If you want to avoid the hassle, look elsewhere.
Jess at 03:54AM, 2012/11/24.
Bought Diablo 3, paid with PayPal.

Received the verification bullshit which is totally unnecessary. PayPal already verified my Credit Card.

5-15 minutes... yeah right. I'm still waiting for a reply from them after sending the "verification" documents.

Daniel at 05:35AM, 2012/09/27.
Buyer beware...

Bought the digital copy expansion for Cataclysm and was sent the EU version. (Which was stated...in small print... at the bottom of the page.) Seems a bit deceptive if you don't put that information in the title.
Marc at 02:18PM, 2012/09/18.
Fast. Got BF3 for almost $10 cheaper.

US user and I didn't have to do any of that verification stuff. I'm not complaining.
iwsmoffy at 03:57AM, 2012/09/14.
At least they were quick to send me the cd-key. I got it about 10 min after I have sent then my verification. So thumb up for speed.
Anze at 11:04AM, 2012/09/05.
Bought guild wars 2 deluxe. After I paid with pay pal I got:

Unfortunately, our system cannot execute your order paid with PayPal. This can be due to
the following reasons:
1. Uncommon purchasing behavior (e.g. a huge sum was paid, multiple incoming orders);
2. A high number of negative booking operations from your country;
3. You PayPal account is not verified.
We apologize for any inconvenience. Unfortunately, we are forced to take precautions to
prevent deceit of a very few customers.
For security reasons, it is necessary that you send us an email to
verification@gamesrocket.com containing the following:
1. A legible scan or photo of your ID card of your passport
2. The completed verification form as photo or scan
3. A picture of you together with your ID card or passport (your face and ID must be visible
next to each other on the photo).

I have sent them the stuff they wanted and now I am waiting for them to reply. Doubt I will ever use this site again.
Anze at 10:27AM, 2012/09/05.
Great site always buy my gamecards here
fo at 03:36PM, 2012/09/03.
All the other sites were out of stock on Guild Wars 2, except GamesRocket, so I went ahead and bought the game from there (Digital copy). The website advertised for the game key to arrive in 5-15 minutes however the apparent requirement to 'verify' myself was needed and so I ended up ordering at midnight and receiving the key at 10am. Also, the presentation of the English portion of the website was decent, however there were a few punctuation and spelling mistakes that need to be tended to. Overall, I'm happy to finally get my hands on Guild Wars 2, and also on the decent service that GamesRocket has given me, which deserves 2 stars out of 5. I know many others have not had as much luck as me in this site, so I think in that case, go to a more convenient online outlet for your games.
moali at 09:16AM, 2012/09/01.
This Shop was a big mistake.
In fact, my girlfriend tried to buy a Headstart-Key for Guild Wars 2 for 1,50€. Promines delivery time by the Store was 5-15 minutes. They then send her an E-Mail about fraud suspicion and wanted to get a landline number to call her. It took them actually 2 hours to call her back (instead of just giving her a number she could call) and they promised her to send the Key right away after this. It did not arrive yet and returning the money (which they took even there were Fraud suspicion, for our safety) already takes them more than 10 hours.
Celoain at 09:39AM, 2012/08/28.
great shop
Martin at 11:29AM, 2012/07/24.
Excellent shop.
Daniel at 03:07PM, 2012/04/21.
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