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Games in the price-comparison tool is probably one of the most serious and trustworthy key store. Hell, even participates in charities, how could you not like them and purchase on their store?
Moreover, this is one of the only stores where you don't need to create an account. Pick your game, fill-in your e-mail, pay up, and receive your key. So simple and quick as this!

Services provided by G2A.COM

G2A.COM is a company that sells game and software activation keys, Xbox Live, PSN codes and time-cards for online games. Our mission is to provide the best wholesale and retail service to all our partners and customers. More importantly, we are a group of video-game enthusiasts who know what it means to pull an all-nighter with a group of friends – just enjoying the game.

Comments on G2A.COM

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user 0815
12:52 27/03/2017
disabling g2a shield is a nightmare. you have a 2 day window, otherwise you WILL BE CHARGED. No mail, chat, ticket or anything can change that, even full account cancellation DOES NOT END YOUR SHIELD SUBSCRIPTION! This is the worst I ever saw from a business. Support has no idea what you talk about, then tell you that it is what it is, bad luck. I was a fan, but cannot recommend them, on the contrary - keep well away from g2a and their "shield".
21:19 14/02/2017
Keys only last for 6 months until they mysteriously become invalid. Shoddy, underhanded company.
00:41 26/01/2016
Watch out for this company!! Allows sellers to use fake keys. 6 months after I bought a key Steam says code is invalid and they are removing game from my library,sucks but at least they didn't shut my account down. Stay away!!
00:03 17/11/2015
first time using dlcompare, just bought a cheap game to understand how does it works. Also never used G2A before, it has the cheapest offer in yhis case. Well, in 5 minutes I validated the steam key and everything went fine. Both sites are really easy and fast.
11:48 30/10/2015
quick, cheap and reliable! purchase with confidence!
18:40 22/10/2015
I waited 20 seconds and the key spawned. Now Downloading on steam. GREAT!!! SUPER fast respond time. Will defensively come back! I purchased 2 steam keys of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, the two of them worked and now downloading as a wrote before(I did not check if the game works but that is steam job). Also the purchase procedure was very intuitive, It has a button to show the key in the purchase window itself and also I received an email with it. Really good
18:44 21/07/2015
I will be honest and say that I have bought and sold keys on and have been using it for about a year. Initially wary I never used any credit card or paypal data and made my currency up through selling games. I've sold over 100 games and bought about 20. Up until this point I didn't believe the hype as there were some "too good too be true" prices which I have avoided. I've recently had a game removed from GOG due to the code being bought by a stolen credit card. I've immediately complained to G2A who have avoided the issue completely (it's been 4 days now). I bought G2A shield and purchased from someone who had 1000's of good transactions - so G2A must know this is going on. Does this make them complicit? Don't know.I must say this did make me wonder and I'm so glad that I never gave them my paypal or credit card data! So either avoid or be aware of the risks. I suppose 1/20 isn't bad?!
19:35 05/06/2015
14-4-2015 I order the game GTA V (order number 80101013160542) with shield The order was canseled by G2A for security reasons i was told i will get a full refund in the next days (even tho i dont get why i should get charged for an order that they canseled) and we come to the the present day 5/6/2015 there is no refund and G2A claims that they refunded my money i contact with GlobalCollect and there answer to my question if there was any refund from G2A was this G2A still claims they made the refund Today i realised that my IP is blocked from there live support system
07:35 02/06/2015
Hello. Think before you work with the system G2A as seller. After 2500 Sales (1300 positive comments about my product) my account was blocked. For the fact that I have added one not corrected the product (loaded keys, which unfortunately turned out to be not working), after 2 sales (one I had to make a refund) my account was blocked. Yes, 2 sales are not correct keys, even though 1,300 of my positive feedback. After that, I do not give to withdraw ~600 euros from my account (the total amount of the turnover amounted to more than 1000 euro) . I wrote about 10 letters in support of those - I can not unlock your account, do not say the reason - simply refused to unlock. My earnings are not allowed to withdraw from the system. I give their data - up to ID, many screenshots, but nothing happens. I think just found a reason not to pay me my 600 euros. Сommunicate with me no one wants to say that the decision is not changed. If you are interested - I can provide additional screenshots from my account. More screenshots: After my account is blocked and i can't withdraw money, g2a still selling my keys: and i can't stop or delete my keys from the system.
16:40 02/05/2015
I sold 50+ keys at the price of 0.20 € Too bad for me I didn't saw they have 0.35 € fee and this way not only I sold 50 keys for free, but also owe them 8.50 € Product price - Product Commission - Successful Transaction Fee or just 0.20 € - 0.02 € - 0.35 € = 0.17 € per product I owe them 0.17 € * 50 keys = 8.50 € I owe them for the 50 keys I sold
12:59 07/12/2014
Daniel wrote: It's my fifth time ordering from them and everything went smooth ! My AC unity game is now activated and I'm enjoying every moment. And the price is a lot lower than Steam or Origin... Really recommending G2A :) Also check out their gaming sales page I found there a lot of games on sale that just weren't listed on the main page... enjoy guys
That guy just posted his reflink....LOL
08:36 23/11/2014
anze wrote: Bought Dragon Age Inquisition and got invalid key. Hope they fix it soon.
In about 8h after opening the ticket I got a replay with the right cd-key. I looks like my 1st cd key was wrong due to a bad scan. One character was "C" instead of "G".
22:44 22/11/2014
Bought Dragon Age Inquisition and got invalid key. Hope they fix it soon.
19:34 20/11/2014
It's my fifth time ordering from them and everything went smooth ! My AC unity game is now activated and I'm enjoying every moment. And the price is a lot lower than Steam or Origin... Really recommending G2A :) Also check out their gaming sales page I found there a lot of games on sale that just weren't listed on the main page... enjoy guys
02:10 13/11/2014
Bought Civilization Beyond Earth from this site. I used G2A Shield and I got the code and it worked fine. That is, until 3 days later, when the code was revoked because of "billing issues". Even though the payment went through and processed perfectly on my end. I submitted a complaint and got a response in broken English saying to contact Steam. Steam said they can't do anything because when I was gifted the game by a representative, I didn't give anything back. Why would I need to? So I asked for a refund from G2A several times and my messages have been ignored. Terrible customer service, unwillingness to give me a refund even though I used Shield. These people are con artists.
17:55 26/10/2014
G2a is always a top notch seller! For an extra buck you get a guaranteed key, which in any case is a must, cuz, why not? It's just a buck and change. Over 90 games in my libraries are from them and they always come through. Had one bad key, this was b4 they had their one dollar and change guarantee, and they immediately replaced it w/ a good key. Props to them! I tell everyone I know about them.
13:18 01/06/2014
well I made an initial purchase from these people, and the key they provided was used... and after 5 days of trying to get a response from their customer service they proclaimed it was their user who I bought the code from not them and thus they would do nothing to resolve it. These people facilitate the sell of stolen keys, DO NOT BE FOOLED, the prices might look appealing but the key your provided with has a risk of being a stolen key. and should you be unlucky enough to have a stolen key provided through them, you will have to deal with some of the worse customer service around. Save your time and your money and look elsewhere
19:54 22/04/2014
I just bought a Rocksmith 2014 steam key from G2A and... well, I received it within 4 minutes and it worked perfectly! It was labeled as a "Community Product", by the way. Great service so far, I'll probably buy again from them!
Piti B
10:04 17/04/2014
Bought diablo 3 ros got it several hours before release date, also purchased 20 dollar psn card from comunity everything worked smoothly prepaid card arived in just few minutes, I also preordered dark souls 2 I recommend this site to everyone!
22:51 05/04/2014
Paid for ESO code and got a "unique token" instead, had to verify this with one of there people in the 24/7 support (been 3 hours still waiting in line) why not just send the game code?! poor show so far.
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