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  • 20 years after the Tristram events, the Evil growls again in Sanctuary, and men that once were Heroes, are plagued by madness and can no longer fight it. The succession is called to fight against the evil forces to avoid Terror, Lies, Sin, and much more evils in Diablo III. Following the most famous Hack'N'Slash from Blizzard, you can now play up to 5 different characters to live an epic experience. First off, the Barbarian.

    The heirs of the siege of Harrogath are more determined than ever to make the infernal demons pay the greatest price for their crimes, he is the ultimate Berserker who will hold fiercely his bloody weapons and his heavy armor on the battlefield. His resource, the Fury, made of pure wrath, grows progressively when he fights, and even more quickly when he takes hits. The excess of Fury can and will be used to unleash devastating attacks.

    The Wizard, the undisputed master of the elements will be playable as well. The magus from the recluse island Xiansai are prepared to fight, and ready to burn, freeze, and wipe out the forces of Evil. He will wear magical artifacts created by Magic, and will use the Arcane Power resource. Their whole body is made out of pure energy, and they even can shower meteors from the sky, but this kind of incredible summonings requires a lot of power and a bit of delay before being reused.

    The Witch Doctor is the one who mastered Death. In the Umbaru Tribe, the Witch Doctor rank is only granted to the elite. He commands spirits and corpses, plus he is a Poison Master.His weapons are gained from voodoo rituals, and he will use Mana and his henchmen to crush his enemies.The Monks have been, for a very long time, secluded behind the walls of their order of faith Sahptev fortress-monasteries, they come to join the others and fight for the light. After years of training, the Monk is now a pretty solid martial arts fighter, able to use his Spirit, which is his resource. The more Spirit his has, the more he dodges enemy attacks. He will also use fist weapons, so his training in martial arts is quite enhanced.

    And now, the Demon Hunter. Darkness took everything from them, homes, families, friends... and they seek revenge. They learned with their life how to track down demons, and they definitely have the means to take down entire groups of henchmen or major demonic entities. Your Demon Hunter will be using two resources, Hatred which will grant him merciless attacks, and Discipline, which might help him to live a few more days and fulfill his goals.Diablo III gameplay looks pretty similar to the precedent Diablo gameplay while using enhanced game mechanics, and a strong synergy between classes which will convince you to team-up with your friends. Shortly after its release, Blizzard will set up the online Auction House from which you will be able to buy items sold by others players with Real Money.On the PvP side, there will only be Arena PvP, in which a good teamplay will have a major impact on the final result, so get ready to elaborate your strategies. And to do so, you will track back your friends thanks to the Battle.Net friendlist system which was firstly established on World of Warcraft.

    Compare game prices. Buy Diablo 3 PC, Xbox360 in retail box or cd key. Activate Diablo 3 on official platforms such as, Europe, Steam, Xbox360 LIVE. Diablo 3 cheapest price.

    • Minimum configuration required

    • OS : XP / Vista / 7 / Mac OS X 10.6.8 / 10.7.x
    • CPU : Pentium D 2.8 GHz, AthlonTM 64 X2 4400+
    • RAM : 2 GB
    • GPU : GeForce 7800 GT, Radeon X1950 Pro
    • HDD : 12 GB
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David De Montigny
13:20 04/03/2014
I purchased Diablo 3 with a 2% price coupon , on 3/4/2014. I paid by paypal, CDkeyhouse asked me to send a sms message on cell phone and I accepted. I entered my code, and not even 5 seconds later I had a CD key for Diablo 3 PC version. I was hesitant because of reviewers.. but keep in mind that there are a lot of spammers on here probably.
15:24 11/06/2012
Regarding the Diablo 3 issue: One customer wrote that this solution worked for him. But its a bit tricky. And you must translate from german to your language. Link But you can try. We look of course for an easier solution in the meantime. from here :
10:24 16/05/2012
I bought mine at gamesrocket and it worked ^^ thanks for the link!

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