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  • Overwatch is the name of an international task force of heroes that restored peace in a world devastated by the war decades long ago. Their influence has dissapeared over the years and now the world is in conflict again, old and new heroes answer to the call to fight and prove their worth once more.

    But Overwatch is also the competitive FPS developed by Blizzard which features fights between teams of 6 players.

    Multiplayer only, you will have to pick a hero among around 20 and make sure your team is well-rounded in order to win.

    There are several archetypes of heroes: tanks, supports, defensive and offensive heroes, who each have a few specific skills to use. You obviously want to make sure your team has enough offensive or defensive heroes to have the best chance to win the game. Team setups should vary depending on the game mode such as Payload, where you have to escort a vehicle up to a certain delivery point before time runs out, and Point Capture, in which you need to either attack and capture points on the map, or defend them, depending on which team you are.

    Although those 2 are the only game modes so far, 2 more game modes will be available at launch. Ranked games are planned as well, probably for solo and team rankings, but yet again no official word about it.

    After several beta phases, Overwatch is scheduled to launch on May 24th 2016 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, though there will be no cross-platform. 3 different editions will be available: digital (PC only), the « Origins » edition featuring a few goodies, and the collector edition.

    Compare game prices. Buy Overwatch PC, PS4, XboxOne in retail box or cd key. Activate Overwatch on official platforms such as, Europe, Sony PSN, Xbox LIVE, Sony PSN Germany, US, Sony PSN USA. Overwatch cheapest price.

    • Minimum configuration required

    • OS : Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 64-bit
    • CPU : Core™ i3, AMD Phenom™ X3 865
    • RAM : 4GB
    • GPU : GeForce GTX 460, Radeon HD 4850, Intel HD Graphics 4400
    • HDD : 5 GB
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07:09 20/08/2017
Overwatch is a defiantly hands on Game! I highly suggest people who love team Fortress 2, to play this game, incredible Graphics!, Amazing Characters, Loot Boxes, you can pay for them or earn them buy Levelling up and completing Arcade Matches, By winning! I recommend everyone who enjoys Shooter Games and give Overwatch a shot it won't hurt you
04:06 19/09/2016
this game is worth it if you don't rage
17:18 23/05/2016
long time tf2 veteran, overwatch really did fi the void after i stopped paying tf2 after i discovered LoL. its a perfect mixture between my top 2 games ever. While tf2 is too movement and aim based and LoL is too ability use based overwatch is neither and is the perfect mix between the 2, 2 bad i won’t be able to buy it at release and play with my friends :/. and i would like to mention that i really enjoyed junkrat in the beta, one of the best hero designs' blizzard has diliverd to us.
Anton Scott
15:51 23/05/2016
14:23 23/05/2016
Me and my friends tried out the Overwatch beta and liked it. Then I did some Google searches, found out about how the game was made, the lore, and the great animated videos. Now I've fallen in love and must play Overwatch. I can't wait to to kill and heal you all in Overwatch. See you there!
07:56 23/05/2016
BEST GAME EVER! This is the tf2 reboot I have been waiting for in a long time.
Twily Pie Yolo
06:54 22/05/2016
It's not a hat simulator and actually has some variety as a shooter.
01:28 22/05/2016
I was never attracted to the fps genre of games and i was always a big fan of mobas ( League of legends and Heroes of the storm particularily ) and honestly after trying Overwatch in the beta I felt in love with an fps game for the 1st time. it has many characteristics of the gameplay from mobas ( abilities on cooldowns, ultimate spells, heroes...). But unlike Mobas Overwatch is fast paced ! second best thing is that the lore of overwatch is sooooooo amazing i always loved blizzard's lores
09:45 20/05/2016
So much fun ! perfect mixture of FPS with RPG hero-like characters.
07:41 18/05/2016
This games audio was the first thing that really shocked me as I'd never played a game where there was so much detail put into small audio details such as footsteps and the distant call of a hero when he/she used their ult. Hearing is now a critical part of playing the game which intrigues me into wanting to play the game!! Good luck to you all :)
01:15 11/05/2016
Hi guys! im gonna to try my best writing this because I really enjoy this game while it was on beta, It's the first FPS game that got me without sleep for all the weekend and yeah ITS AWESOME. First of all I live im Venezuela and my country is passing through a very difficult situation so I don't have dollars to buy the game, Im not trying to be a pain in the ass for no one but I could say it's my only chance to get a copy of overwatch. That was all I wanted to say, good luck for everyone!
10:54 10/05/2016
Cool game, cool setting and art, heroes very nice for all tastes, i like localization for my language, blizzard always do quality games, aomthing new in genre moba+fps, really nice animation thought it will be worse by videos. Really like the game and want to play. But price for our country is so big so i can't to bought it for that price.
02:15 04/05/2016
actually the first moba style fps game that i really enjoy, and i mean really enjoy. while it was in beta for the pc, my girlfriend and i played nothing but the game. My 5 yr old daughter even gave the game a shot and fell in love with it as well. Tried battleborn, and simply put, i think there are too many characters on that compared to what seems to be a nice 21 character sweet spot for Overwatch. The characters have a sense of depth that i think battleborn missed.
22:52 01/05/2016
It's really great to have an opportunity for a shot at this,thanks.Honestly,can't afford the game,got friends who will play it,really loving the game,would love to play it with them,the game really feels unique and refreshing.Well,good luck peeps.
Mike S
15:49 30/04/2016
First off, thanks for the opportunity to even get a copy free.... I want to win this because most of my friends are going to be getting it but I won't be able to get it for a while. I would like to play with them when it comes out :). Anyway thanks again and goodluck to everyone!
08:14 30/04/2016
I would like to play this game cuz its like a new genre of games a hero shooter its like moba and shooter combined together its so awesome
07:35 30/04/2016
i love gaming but with the latest games that coming out it's not worth giving away money without testing it or getting some free keys ;) so hope i could enjoy this game what i didn't do last 10 games i bought...
00:57 30/04/2016
I want to play it because it looks amazing! This looks like a combination of call of duty, borderlands, warframe, and mass effect! I'm so psyched for this game!
00:57 30/04/2016
Who doesn't want to play a game featuring a giant armored Gorilla named Winston... GAME ON!
22:38 29/04/2016
Heroes are going to be way cool! Can't wait.
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