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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

DLcompare, what is it?
DLcompare is a GAMER-specialized price-comparison website. It allows you to compare video games prices among a wide range of selected specialist retailers in order to give you the lowest prices market prices.
Best practices for online shopping
Create a consistent account on the retailer’s website, if you are a Paypal user, we advise you to use the same mail that you used for your Paypal account, for your retailer’s website contact mail.
Correctly fill in the user information on your retailer’s account just as you did for your online payment form.
Credit card purchases result in fewer identity checks than Paypal. Read the comments about the retailers on our website, and feel free to leave your thoughts whether they are good or bad.
Consider in your retailer’s appraisal that people more regularly leave a comment to express discontent and disappointment rather than satisfaction.
Make sure that the product you wish to buy is available (preorder, out of stock, or others).
Prefer purchasing a “scanned” photo of your CD-Key rather than a txt serial. The scan is a proof that your game is from an official box.
Activate your product (or CD-Key) as soon as possible after receipt in order to check that the key is valid.
Why is there such disparities regarding prices?
The large amount of retailers allows to get and display the lowest prices on the market, including promotions or specific sales. Merchants are not subject to the same VAT regime, depending on their geographic location, and the prices are thereby affected. The different currencies such as the dollar and the euro might be another factor in the price difference between merchants. The fight against piracy in emerging country markets also lead to a prices drop. Finally, some merchants have no operating agreement with publishers which allows them to set the prices as they wish without ceiling price.
Is this legal?
What is a TOP RETAILERmarchand star dlcompare ?
The goal of the « Top Retailer » logo is to highlight our top rated partners. We anonymously rate our partners whose collaboration is older than 6 months.
We also strive to select the best online stores in order to provide you with the safest and the most complete offer.
On which media will I receive my game?
You can choose whether you prefer to get a digital version or a retail box version of your game. Once you have clicked on the game you wish to buy, you will see a tab “Digital download” and a tab “Retail box”, your call.
Note that some games, even though you can buy them as a boxed version, require an online activation of the game.
I have seen a store that proposes cheapest prices than yours
Our price-comparison tool can’t reference all the cd-key online retailers.
Furthermore, we strive to ensure the quality and the seriousness of our partners. It is nearly impossible to keep tabs on ALL the the online shops available on Internet, therefore, we would not be able to guarantee our users a safe and reliable offer. Thus, beware of overly attractive offers and do not hesitate to contact us for any question on these matters. Most of the websites providing the same service as us are not managed by players and therefore attach little to no importance to the service quality of their partners.
What about the compatibility of a game with an online platform?
When you visit a game's page, there is always a display of different platform icons which indicate the compatibility.
Legend of the most common downloading platforms icons:
steam cd keySteam
russian steam cd keySteam CD-Key with Russia localization, activation through VPN
Origin cd keyOrigin
russian Origin cd keyOrigin CD-Key with Russia localization
battlenet cd keyBattlenet
uplay cd keyUplay
downloadPublisher or merchant download
List of legal downloading platforms
I have been expecting my CD-Key for a few hours already and still have not received anything, what can I do?
First, you need to check your mail inbox, and especially the “Spam” folder. If you placed your order during the night, it is possible that you may have to wait a bit longer than expected, this is quite usual. It is important to note that some retailers have delivery delays that are up to 24 hours, so do not panic if it’s your first purchase through our website. However, if you still have not received your product, be aware that the retailers have a customer support that can be reached via e-mail or through a dedicated interface on their website, such as “live chats”. Finally, if none of these solutions are successful, rest assured as DLcompare is willing to help (however, we cannot provide any guaranteed result), therefore, we welcome you on our live chat.
I am an online store manager, I would like to add my website in your price-comparison tool, what do I have to do ?
From experience, we usually reject online shops whose opening is too recent. If your store has been opened for less than 6 months, your application will be refused unless you bring us guarantees for the sake of our upcoming partnership, but also and especially for our users.
To add your website to our price-comparison tool we will need some tools & information. To do so you will have to contact us via email or live chat so we can give you a list of the required informations you will have to provide us.
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