Watch Dogs 2 – No Compromise DLC Available on PS4

Watch Dogs 2

Ubisoft have announced No Compromise, the third DLC content to make its way to Watch Dogs 2, and is now available on PlayStation 4. As part of the game’s season pass, the DLC will be coming to Xbox One and PC on the 18th May.

The new content that No Compromise provides includes a new multi-mission storyline, known as the Moscow Gambit DedSec operation. This story sees Sitara requesting that Marcus hack into an adult film studio, which brings a blend of what is described as a set of awkward moments with industrial machinery and an explosive ending. In a rather hilarious parody with the new film entitled DedSexxx by a famous pornographer, DedSec retaliate by attempting to teach a few lessons of their own.

Accompanying this story will be a new racing time trial challenge, which includes six races for single-player, complete with its own dedicated leaderboard. Also, two new non-lethal weapons and three emergency service packs will be available, as well as new outfits from the emergency services, by dressing Marcus up as a firefighter, paramedic and a police officer.

Check out the trailer for the No Compromise DLC for Watch Dogs 2 in the trailer below, which is now available on PlayStation 4, before releasing on Xbox One and PC next month.




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