Update Coming to Rainbow Six Siege Today

Rainbow Six Siege

A brand new patch has hit Rainbow Six Siege, and it will fix a whole category of bugs that were once present in the game.

Following a huge content update for Rainbow Six Siege back in December, a handful of errors occurred for its players. Of course, this fell at the time of the holidays, so developers were given mandatory time off and as a consequence, were unable to fix the problems that had arisen. Despite this, they’ve managed to return and tidy up the gameplay bugs that were plaguing the game, with an update rolling out today on January 11th to clear things up.

New features to be included involve adding a pause button to the UI, which lets the host of a Player-hosted custom game to pause matches during Operator Selection. Also, key issues such as Barricade pieces getting stuck in the same place if hit at certain angles has been fixed, whilst rare instances where a drone could use a dead attacker’s shield to move the defuser has also been fixed. Other uncommon cases have also been altered, where clipping would cause shields to disappear, and a shield user would stay equipped whilst in the prone position.

Rainbow Six Siege is now available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. 





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