Rocket League Reaches 30 Million Players

Rocket League

The smash hit indie game Rocket League appears to continue to go from strength to strength, and has now hit 30 million players. Launching back in 2015 on PS4 and PC, the game eventually released on Xbox One. Its worth noting that these statistics do include guest accounts and players who have multiple accounts, so it doesn’t reflect how many copies have sold.

Rocket League had reached sales of over a million copies in the same year that it launched, starting out as a digital-only game before venturing into a physical release under 505 Games. The physical copies have sold over a million copies, whilst just shy of 10 million have been sold via Steam, PSN and Xbox Live.

The soccer car simulator has gained the additional five million players in recent months, having surpassed 25 million back in January. Despite it being an indie game, and being nearly two years old, Rocket League remains in the charts on many occasions, standing shoulder to shoulder with the latest and biggest releases each month. In fact, it is still one of Steam’s most played games, seeing 50,000 concurrent users on average.

So if you’d like to join the phenomenon, Rocket League is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.



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