Play Halo 5 Multiplayer For Free On The PC

Remember Halo 5 Forge, that free Halo 5 map making tool that you could download and just play around with and make maps? Well, it actually got a big update that kind of makes it into a free multiplayer Halo game, that you can play on Windows. We don’t really now why this happened all of a sudden, but we sure are happy that it did.

Now, if you ever wanted to play a Halo game on PC, it will no longer be a distant dream. You just need to download Halo 5 Forge and you can play Halo 1, Halo Online (3), and even Halo 5 on your computer, which is a real gift to the PC community from Microsoft.

Halo 5 Forge was the tool that players used to create their own maps and to test them with other players. But the problem was that in order to play with other players, you needed to find a way to invite each other manually to actually host matches, which was quite difficult at times. But, now that the new update introduced the new custom search, players can look for current matches and then join them. This feature is basically a server browser when you look at it, and it finally lets the player look for matches without having to go through too much trouble. 

When we first read about the update, it came as a  surprise as no one from Microsoft made any comment about this. You can download Halo 5 Forge for free, and with access to Halo 1, Halo Online, and Halo 5 you will have quite a lot of Halo games at your disposal, so pick whichever you want and play it! 



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