The Division is free this weekend

Try for free The Division this weekend.

Since its release more than a year ago, The Divison has already benefited from several updates. The latest one, update 1.8, named “Resistance” brings new content and more.

In fact, this free update gives you access to a brand new area called West Side Pier, as well as two new game modes, Resistance (PVE) and Skirmish (PVP).

The Resistance mode is similar to a survival mode, you will have to resist as long as possible waves of attacks from enemy factions, who have allied together for the occasion. Luckily your enemies will give up precious resources that you can recover to strengthen your defenses.
The Skirmish mode offers you to face your opponents in games to death in a 4v4 team environment. The first team to achieve 20 kills wins the game.

In addition to these two modes, this update gives you access to new weapons and also brings new features to the Dark Zone and the Underground.


With this new update, Ubisoft is organizing a free trial weekend from December 7 to 10, which will temporarily replace the limited free trial that caps at level 8 or 6 hours of play. For new players, The Division will be accessible for free in its entirety, complete with all the new content brought by the update.

Players who already own the game are not forgotten, because from today and until December 10, the three DLCs contained in the Season Pass will be accessible free of charge. As a reminder, the Season Pass contains the three expansions Underground, Survival and Last Stand. These free trials are of course available on all platforms. For more information, visit The Division’s official website.

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