Autumn Sale arrives to Steam

Steam is also joining the Black Friday madness with a special sale.

The Autumn Sale from Valve’s gaming platform is already up and it will be running for a week longer, more exactly until the 28th of November at 8 PM. Needless to say, it’s probably one of the sales that raises more expectations through the whole year, and it’s not without a reason. You will be able to find more than 5600 titles from all genres with discounts that can go as high as 90% off some games.

As usual, we have made a list that contains some highlights, but given the huge amount of deals featured in the sale you should use Steam’s searching engine to check the discounts in case you are looking for some specific titles.

Here is our list:

Other than finding a huge mount of deals that includes some popular VR titles, you can also vote for your favorite games as nominees to this year’s Steam Awards. We hope you find that game you were waiting for at the best price and if it happens to be nominated or even win as the best in one of the 12 categories that will confirm that you made a right choice.

Fyra Frost

Fyra Frost

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