Nioh DLC Coming Out July 25th


Nioh is the intense hack-and-slash game made by Team Ninja. In it, you are a man from a foreign land who has to become a samurai in order to take out monsters and men. And you’ll do just that naturally. However, once the game is “over” it’s not over at all, as Team Ninja has been giving out plenty of DLC for the game. Last month they delivered Dragon of the North DLC, and now, they’re set to release another piece of DLC on July 25th.

This second DLC is called Defiant Honor, and it takes place in the legendary Osaka Castle. During the Sengoku era, Osaka Castle was not only the largest castle in the country but the one deemed most impregnable. So imagine what it will be in the Nioh DLC. Well, you don’t have to imagine, because the PS Blog spells out everything you’ll find.

For example, you’ll get to fight the legendary warrior Sanada Yukimura, who is serving the Toyotomi Clan (the enemy of Tokugawa Ieyasu). What’s worse, is that he’s preparing for your arrival, and has built up defenses outside the castle that you and your forces must get through somehow. Plus, there’s our main character William, who must also go to Osaka Castle to try and find Maria.

Adding to the epicness of this DLC, there will be new weapons and armor to wield, including Tonfa. But there’s also new magic, Guardians Spirits, Yokai to fight, and much more.

So be ready for Defiant Honor when it arrives July 25th.


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