Level-5 Working On Self-Publishing More Titles To The West


When it comes to video games, there are certain developers you know and respect. For nearly two decades Level-5 has earned the respect of many gamers, publishing numerous fan favorite titles across the world. This includes franchises like the Professor Layton series, Yokai Watch, Ni No Kuni, and more. But the company is apparently looking to not only expand its franchises reach, but to do it on their own terms, for they seek to begin self-publishing their titles on major platforms.

What does that mean? Well, the Professor Layton series, for example, was published by both them and Nintendo. But the upcoming continuation of that series, Katrielle and the Millionaires Conspiracy, will actually be self-published by them on the 3DS, Android, and iOS. In a chat with Dualshockers, the team noted how fun and challenging the experience was:

“It’s been fun and also challenging” said director George Valko, adding, “Everything you try adds a new initial frustration and challenge, but we’ve learned a lot and it’s made us a bigger and better company.”

Going forward, Level-5 appears to want to try and use this new level of freedom to bring more of their franchises to the West. This includes a fan-favorite title in Inazume Eleven, which has only been released to the west once. Though Level-5 doesn’t want to confirm it’s happening, they will note that they are thinking about it:

“That’s something we are definitely looking into, but we can’t really give a definitive answer at the moment.”

We look forward to seeing what else Level-5 has to offer, whether it be new games or returning friends.

Glyph Masterson

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