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[UPDATE 22/11/2012]

Activating a product on Uplay :  Example with Assassin’s Creed III.

Once you have purchased  your game, you will have to use a launcher to download the game. After the download is complete, you will be redirected to the Uplay website where you will have to enter your CD key.

If you want to uninstall your game, you will be able to download it again directly via Uplay.

What you can see when your download is done.
Simply enter your CD key here.

After abandoning their boring DRM system, (no more permanent Internet connection required and games installations are now unlimited) Ubisoft offered us a significant novelty.

Indeed, during the Gamescom 2012 Ubisoft has announced the release of Uplay, its own distribution platform for video games.

Uplay operates in the same way as Steam and Origin except that the latter doesn’t offer (at least for the moment) games from other publishers’ catalogue.

Unsurprisingly, Uplay included most of the standards that we can expect from a digital distribution platform : Catalogue, chat, friends list, notifications, free games, demos, achievements, offline mode, etc.

As you can see Uplay doesn’t bring anything revolutionary. Although it is important to stress that in addition to the game digital download you can also order boxed games to be delivered at home.


Is it possible to add a key in Uplay ?

We tested the platform for you and it turns out that yes, it is possible to add a game to Uplay by buying a key from a cd-key store. However, it is impossible (for the moment at least) to activate the key in Uplay then download the game, it is important to pay attention to two things.

First: You should order a key from a cd-key store that allows to download the game

Second: You need to select a game that is ” Uplay compatible”, not to be mistaken it is recommended to choose a game from the list of available games directly in the software. It is evident that with Uplay there is no more problems to uninstall and reinstall your game as much as you want… No more DRM !

By following this procedure, your game will be automatically added in Uplay after installation and you will only have to enter your cd-key when you will try to start the game for the first time to activate it.



Uplay, yet another platform?

Is it really useful and convenient for players having to install yet another platform? The answer may be yes, because according to Stephanie Perotti (Ubisoft’s Worldwide Director for Online Games), the editor remains open to the emergence of third-party games in its catalog. The message is clear for Steam and Origin, Uplay is not there to make up the numbers.

For the most reluctant of you, if you don’t fancy burdening yourself with yet another platform, know that Ubisoft games will also be available on Steam. So do not panic, you will find for example: Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 on it.

Introducing video of Uplay and the official website.



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