Xenoblade Chronicles X Producer Didn’t Mind Changes To Game

Video games are a complicated thing. Because while you might think something is appropriate based on the culture you’re in, it may not be in another country that the game is released in. That’s why localization is a key factor in game development. But, that doesn’t mean that everyone will like the changes that are made. Take for example Xenoblade Chronicles X, one of the best games on the Wii U system, it had a lot of localization changes that caused a backlash. And with Xenoblade Chronicles 2 coming to the Switch, fans fear that the changes will be just as controversial.

The ironic twist in all of this is that the producer of Xenoblade Chronicles X talked with Kotaku at E3 2017 and noted that the changed that were made during localization didn’t really affect him at all.

“In terms of Xenoblade Chronicles X, there’s been a few different changes that were made to the game, but my personality is such that I’m not a stickler for products that I’ve already made, so I don’t really mind what the final product turns out to be in that sense,” Tetsuya Takahashi told them. “I really didn’t mind much at all, actually.”

He went on to note that the fan will determine whether the change is good or not, and that everyone is different, and has different tolerances that affect how a game is received.

Guess it just goes to show that just because something is controversial to some, it won’t be controversial to other.

Glyph Masterson

Glyph Masterson

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