Super Mario Odyssey Team Talks In-Game References

Super Mario Odyssey

At E3 2017, Super Mario Odyssey got not only a new trailer, which you can view below, but several gameplay demos done at the Nintendo Treehouse Live events the three days Nintendo was there. Through this, we got to well and truly see just how grand this world is in Odyssey. It goes far beyond New Donk City, or the places that were teased in the original trailer, it’s a world that is reminiscent of numerous Mario titles for it, and that still only scratches the surface of what’s in Super Mario Odyssey.

In an interview with Game Informer, Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi talked about the game and how the world and its characters came to be in it in one form or another. For example, they noticed that Captain Toad (a now fan-favorite character) is in Super Mario Odyssey, specifically seen in New Donk City. Koizumi was asked if this meant Captain Toad would get another game on Switch:

“Well I’d certainly be happy if you were looking forward to the possibility of a future Captain Toad game, but none we can mention just yet. But, Captain Toad is also an adventurer, so he will be wandering about in different kingdoms of Super Mario Odyssey.”

Again, that’s just the tip of the iceberg, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the mayor of New Donk City is actually Pauline, the original damsel in distress from the original Donkey Kong Game. So that makes the question arise…will Donkey Kong make an appearance?

“Well I can’t say exactly right now, but Pauline is there, and some interesting things might happen.”

The game world also has numerous references to both the 3D and 2D Mario titles. You’ll have to see how many you can find when the game releases October 27th.


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