Pokemon Title For Nintendo Switch Will Be “Traditional”


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for Pokemon fans. At a special Pokemon Direct a week before E3, Pokken Tournament DX was revealed for Nintendo Switch, and then Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were announced for 3DS. This disappointed a lot of people who wanted a core Pokemon title for Nintendo’s newest console. But then, at the Nintendo E3 Spotlight, one of the heads of GameFreak, the developer behind Pokemon, said that a “core Pokemon title” was indeed in the works for the Switch, making everyone happy.

But of course, that didn’t turn off the chattering from fans, it just cranked it up a notch. For now fans wanted to know if this Pokemon title would be just an advanced version of the Pokemon games on the handhelds, or a vast open-world experience that many fans have been hoping for since the N64 days.

Well, since we don’t know how long this game will be in development, it’s important to look for news from virtually anywhere, including Bloomberg, who interviewed Reggie Fils-Aime and asked what to expect from the title. They tweeted out his response which stated that it’s:

“A traditional find, battle, train type experience”.

Now, this can be taken several ways. Because notice that while he says it’s traditional in that you find and capture and train Pokemon, he did NOT say that it would be a turn-based RPG, which would’ve summed up the game in one sentence. So, could this mean that Nintendo is doing something a little more broad with the combat, while sticking to what made Pokemon great? We’ll find out won’t we?

Glyph Masterson

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