The Nintendo Switch Has An NES Emulator?


So when we’re talking about the Nintendo Switch, there’s a lot of positives that go with it. It’s a fully functional console that you can literally take ANYWHERE and play. It’s already got a great assortment of games both first and 3rd party, and there’s more on the way, not to mention it’s got plenty of ways to play via the controls, and has amazing local multiplayer capabilities. All that being said though, there is a certain something that the system doesn’t have. A Virtual Console.

The Virtual Console first came to life on the Wii, then was on the Wii U, as well as the 3DS in some ways. For fans, it was a great and simple way to get to play past games on current consoles, so when the Nintendo Switch didn’t get one right off the bat, and Nintendo doesn’t seem to answer questions about it, fans got worried. There is a curious thing though that modders have found out about the Nintendo Switch, and that’s that it has an NES Emulator. Something that could be compared to the NES Classic Edition that we got last year.

Now, on some level, this makes sense, after all, one of the perks of the upcoming Nintendo Online feature is that players who pay for the service ($20 a year) will get free NES games to play. Could it be that this emulator is just for that?

Or, is there something bigger going on here? Something that maybe we don’t know about, but Nintendo is planning to unveil? It’s hard to say, but fans are going to be hoping for some kind of Virtual Console news eventually.

Glyph Masterson

Glyph Masterson

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