Fire Emblem Warriors Gets New Character Details

Fire Emblem Warrios

Recently, Fire Emblem Warriors got a trailer that showed off four new characters that were coming to the game from Fire Emblem Awakening. Lissa, Frederick, Male Robin, and Lucina were all revealed, and with their reveals came some very interesting insights into how diverse the game will be. At first, Fire Emblem Warriors only showed off sword users, but Lissa and Frederick are axe-wielders, and Robin uses Tome magic. So, that made some curious as to how that would play out.

Well, Nintendo showed off a special demo of the game at Japan Expo recently, and Serenes Forest reported what was shown at the event, including some interesting looks into what Lucina, Lissa, and Robin will play like.

First, not unlike his Smash Bros. counterpart, Robin will have a variety of magical attacks to use. For example, his quick attack will be creating lightning spheres. Or, he can charge up his attacks for more power. He’ll also have wind, lasers, levitation, fire, and more at his disposal. Making him a truly multi-purpose threat.

As for Lissa, she’s going to apparently be a very fast ax user, which is something you may not expect from her given her Awakening form. She’ll twirl her ax like a baton, and even grab enemies with it at times. She can apparently also use Thunder magic, and even heal within a certain area.

Lucina meanwhile will play much like you’d think she would as a swordfighter. However, there is a twist, she’ll also wield a “bow of light” that can attack enemies who are higher up.

Frederick was only shown in a boss fight, but he is riding his horse much like in Awakening, so you can expect his attack style to reflect one of an Infantry status.

Fire Emblem Warriors arrives this fall on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

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