Atlus Denies Claims Of “Dangerous Goods” In Persona 5 Special Editions

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A certain Persona 5 special edition is getting canceled by Amazon in regards to pre-orders, but according to the developer, that shouldn’t be happening. This all started when players who ordered the “Take Your Heart” and Steelbook Premium Editions of Persona 5 were getting emails stating their pre-orders had been canceled. While pre-orders have been canceled for many reasons in the past, including having too many by accident or the developer not being able to meet the demand, this one was a little more… odd.

As you’ll see in the screen captured shot of a canceled pre-order email, Amazon is claiming that the upcoming Atlus games Premium Edition has “Dangerous Goods” in it, and thus, cannot be transported to them by Amazon as a violation of their safety code (in regards to the products being transported) among other things. This both confused and frustrated many players, who immediately reached out to Atlus for an explanation on this.

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Image: Polygon

The irony came in with Atlus had no idea what Amazon was doing. Thus, the team went and talked with Amazon, and realized that a small mistake had been made, and the two companies are working to fix it.

“This morning we were surprised to learn about Persona 5 ‘Take Your Heart’ Premium Edition cancellations with Amazon,” an Atlus representative told Polygon, who requested a statement on the issue. “After waiting patiently during the day we received word, and can confirm to you what we’ve always known, that there’s nothing defective or ‘dangerous’ about our product.

The representative also noted that only a few gamers got this cancellation email. Meaning, that though some got canceled, it wasn’t a full-on wave of cancels. Again, Amazon and Atlus are working together to ensure that the canceled order are reversed and that the correct editions of Persona 5 are getting back to those who ordered them.

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